The next generation in prosthetic options.

Imagine a life where you only had one hand – and that despite all the promises that modern science has made, your prosthetic replacement still wouldn’t allow you to pick up delicate objects, or that you had to remove the prosthetic to wash your hand.

All this has changed with the release of the TASKA, a robust, flexible and waterproof Bionic Hand.

Dr Hartnell is very excited to announce that this practical and useful prosthetic hand is coming to Australia.

Having worked closely with TASKA Prosthetics (New Zealand) over the last three years Dr Hartnell has seen improvement and advances in the technology of the bionic hand.  He will work closely with TASKA Prosthetics to continually bring the best in technology to his clinic.  This is a very exciting time, being able to offer patients an all in one service, in one location, offering the greatest innovation in its field.

The global prosthetic market is a $23.5 billion dollar industry. The TASKA is a game changer and is the first prosthetic hand in the world that is waterproof.

This advanced design allows users to perform what should be simple tasks, such as wash their hands, brush their teeth and use a computer mouse.

The back of the prosthetic has a set of buttons, allowing a rapid shift between eight different grips (the technology can actually accommodate over 30 different grips).

It has taken over five years for product developer Matt Jury to develop the technology, building in features like replaceable components and
“The big one that always comes up that you can’t do with any other hand on the market is the ability to cut a steak.”, says Matt.

Our commitment is to ensuring the best outcome for patients who have had the misfortune of losing a hand to either trauma or disease.

TGA  Approved

Check out the bionic hand at the Taska website.