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When Your Child Breaks Their Arm

Anyone with children knows they always have to do things differently – this includes when they hurt themselves, and broken bones aren't an exception. The most common fractures involve the forearm, as kids naturally put out their arms to brace themselves. Fractures can also result from a direct fall onto the arm, or a blow [...]

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Break A Leg

Actors are a superstitious lot. (So, apparently, are jockeys, professional athletes, prostitutes and sailors). Theatres abound with traditions to ward off the evil humours, such as never uttering the final line of a play during dress rehearsal nor mentioning the name of that Scottish Play lest it bring disaster. Perhaps the best known is the [...]

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Maintaining Joint Health – More Ways to Look After Your Joints

Your Joint Health - It's Important! Keeping a healthy weight is a major factor in maintaining joint health. This is especially true for weight bearing joints, such as hips and knees. The force placed on your joints with everyday movement varies with the surface you walk on: on level ground, the force on your knees [...]

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A Short History of Crutches

“Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore a little crutch, and had his limbs supported by an iron frame!” A Christmas Carol has long proved one of Dickens' most popular works. Debate still continues over what disease afflicted poor Tiny Tim, but I find it interesting to think about the crutch he used. As a child, [...]

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The Allegra Active Total Knee – Australian Made

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Growing Teenagers and Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osgood-Schlatter Disease Anyone with a teenager is well aware of growth spurts, which lead to clothes being outgrown and fridges emptied of food. This occurs from growth plates, which are cartilaginous areas at the end of bones; upon maturity these fuse with the bone itself and growth is no longer possible. Because of these growth [...]

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When You Can’t Get Enough Bone Trivia

When You Can't Get Enough Bone Facts We had such a great response to our last bone facts blog, we decided to give you 13 more facts! 1) Want to tie your bones in a knot? Soak them overnight in hydrochloric acid (a 6% solution or stronger). 2) Your skull consists of 22 bones, yet has [...]

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On Managing a Broken Foot

On Managing a Broken Foot Unfortunately a broken foot is relatively common – nearly everyone will break a toe at some stage in their life. They often result from a direct blow, such as dropping something heavy on your toes, or accidentally kicking something hard (usually followed by expletives). This post is intended to assist [...]

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Managing Hip Replacement Pain

Hip Replacement Pain Managing hip replacement pain in the post-operative period is an important part of your recovery. There is no such thing as a pain-free operation, and hip and knee surgery prove no exception. In this blog I will cover some of the more common drugs used in the first days after surgery. A [...]

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Joint Preservation – Looking After Your Joints

Is Joint Preservation Possible? Like the rest of the body, joints wear out with time. Arthritis was once considered an inevitable part of ageing, with joints simply wearing out as a result of a long and active life. Genetics play a role, but there are ways to slow this natural progression using joint preservation strategies. [...]

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